Ocean Mist

31 Dec 2007

Kinetic scrolling in Tote

Posted by astromme

I’ve been working on Tote Notebook some more, and I’ve decided to add kinetic scrolling to its featurelist. The idea is that you would either toggle between dragging (w/ scrolling) or writing either via a toolbar applet or via buttons on the pen itself. Another option, once the linuxwacom drivers become advanced enough to differentiate between touch input and pen input would be to always have kinetic scrolling associated with touch gestures and have inking always associated with pen input. At the moment, the drivers are advanced enough to not be sending touch events when the pen is in range, but the the X.org input device that it uses is the same for both touch and digitizer. Boo! Maybe I should start hacking on those drivers a little bit. Although, I also have to work out redraw issues with Tote and Qt4.3. I think I’m implementing my canvas in the wrong way because applications like Krita or Kolourpaint don’t have the same redraw issues that I do.

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