Ocean Mist

9 Dec 2007

Wordpy and the virtual keyboard

Posted by astromme

Now that I’ve switched over to a wordpress blog I can finally use the wordpy client on my n800. Honestly, along with good spam protection, that was one of my driving forces to use wordpress. This blog is now on wp 2.3 and it’s quite nice.

Anyways, back to the purpose of this post. This is my first time blogging from my n800 and I’m finding that the the virtual thumb keyboard is quite usable. Sure, I make mistakes and I’m nowhere near the speed of typing on a real keyboard, but this is lightyears ahead of using the stylus to type something because it’s actually sustainable. Now that I’ve realized this, expect to see a couple of ‘on the go’ posts. Maybe we will get lucky and I’ll figure out how to upload photos. But, for tonight, goodnight.

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