Ocean Mist

29 Jan 2008

Extremely Cold Today

Posted by astromme

Last week it was -20 for a day or two. No wind, but still that’s exteremly cold. The extent of my outdoor experiences that day consisted of walking from school to the car, and one very short walk across the lake. I love how everything is so sharp and clear in the cold. I was pretty well bundled up, but my nose and cheeks still got very cold, cold enough to make me take a hot shower after returning inside.

Today it’s only -7, but the windchil is -30. I can’t believe it, just going out to the car was a challenge. Amazingly, yesterday was 44, which means that in just one day we had a 51 degree shift in temperature…. I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced that (other than when traveling) before. Tomorrow again is supposted to be quite warm, at least in the teens.

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