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16 Mar 2008

Day two of WFR

Posted by astromme

Well, I’m exhausted. It’s interesting because we spend most of the day inside, but I think it’s the constant attention that drains my energy. Today started out with CPR (review for me) and finished up with body rolling and carrying injured people. I’m really interested in the theory behind some of what we learn, such as why rescue breaths work. Calling on my chem knowledge I’m pretty sure that they work because there is still a higher concentration of CO2 in a person’s bloodstream than even my exhalation.

Again we had the whole “communicable diseases” talk, which is really important but hard to hear time after time. I’m lucky that town is 5 minutes away as well as a Dunn Bros that I can get free internet at. I think I’m one of the only people on the planet that doesn’t like coffee, but that’s alright because these places usually have hot chocolate (which I adore).

Again, I am very relieved that 3rd quarter is over now. I’m on the home streatch now for school =). And I am pumped to visit Norway (more on that later).

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