Ocean Mist

16 May 2008

A blast from the past

Posted by astromme

This is from my first day, I figured that I should post it =):
I found out that Kristin’s house has a wireless internet connection, so I’m set with respect to the net, at least until I leave here. If you can believe it there are two other people staying at the moment. They’re both biologists that know Kristin’s husband and I think they’re studying bats. They leave Friday, so things will quiet down somewhat then.

I don’t think I have my iRiver with me. It might be on the MSP->AMS flight and I think that it would be on the right side tucked in between the seat and the plane’s shell. I know that I didn’t have it in my normal spot in Amsterdam because I remember (of course it didn’t trigger anything at the time) putting my phone in the spot where it should have been when I went through security.

Kristin said that I could still meet her friend who runs a computer business of some sort (she mentioned that I liked computers, engineering, entrepreneurship). Apparently when he found out that I was coming he (jokingly) asked if I needed a job =P. Maybe he can take a rain check for four years.

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