Ocean Mist

27 May 2008

Camera Obscura 2.0

Posted by astromme

I did manage to get a ‘tour’ of the camera obscura. Even though it was late in the evening (8PM) we could still see objects; most things were fairly sharp and clear. I managed to get some excellent (well, hopefully, I haven’t seen them on a big screen yet) photographs of the lens-assisted portion. The pinhole portion was just too dark for the camera to correctly capture, and I didn’t have a tripod with me.

We’re going to leave for the train at 15:00, less than 2 hours from now (oh look, it’s 1337 time now). From that time I’m not sure if I will be able to get any sort of internet until I arrive in Minneapolis. That could mean more than 24 hours of offline time. Yikes!

I’ll try and write some more before I have to leave to go to the train. We’ve checked out from the hotel and are sitting in the lobby area right now. Hopefully we can snag some waffles before we leave for the train station.

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