Ocean Mist

14 Jul 2008

Thoughts on Spam

Posted by astromme

I haven’t made a post now for a few weeks. It’s amazing how quickly my Akismet spam filter fills up. 135 spam messages in about a week. They are all posted as comments to this blog, even though I don’t actively advertise or link it anywhere. I just wonder how some of the larger bloggers can cope. I guess the nice thing is that I’ve never had a false positive – meaning I’ve never had Akismet falsely identify a comment as spam. That means that I an usually just delete the spam without looking at it. Additionally, the number of spam comments that leak through is extremely low, on the order of 1 or so per month. Easy to manage.

In just one short week here I’m going up north, meaning that I’ll have very intermittent internet access. I hope that I can continue to blog, even just a little bit. We’ll see about that one.

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