Ocean Mist

23 Aug 2008


Posted by astromme

I’m always a lot stronger (muscle-wise at least) at the end of the summer compared to any other time of year. This August has been no different, and I’m really pleased that I can actually windsurf in higher winds without letting myself get blown off course. Thursday and Friday had excellent wind and I was able to get out on the lake both days. The wind was from the southwest, which is great because it means that it gets funneled down a channel before being released into the wide part of the lake where I surf. I’m able to start in the shadow of the wind to the side of the channel (pulling your sail up and starting to move is in my opinion the most difficult part) and then sail past the opening where all of the amazing wind is.
The starboard tack is favored with a wind like this, meaning i take a long time going back west and then get the really sweet tacks when I’m on a reach or even a broad reach back east. I found out during the past two days that my semi-starter windsurf board can actually plane, and it can do it well. I had one phenomenal tack where I was going at least as fast as I waterski, which would mean 30 miles per hour!

Alright, I’m cutting this short for now because I have to go and do some work and errands, but I do want to continue with the windsurfing theme.

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