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11 Nov 2008

Computers in Flight (Part 2)

Posted by astromme

So, anyways, I wanted to take this desktop on the plane.

There are a few problems with that statement. Number 1: Desktops are fragile. This meant that I needed to have it as carry-on luggage, as big and bulky and non-wheeled as it was. Number 2: Desktops are heavy. This meant that I used the Antec straps that came with a case that I had purchased earlier. Number 3: The black glossy Antec Sonata case is scratched quite easily. This means that I decided to cover the case with a white cloth covering.

Lets recap for a moment. I’m now walking into the airport with three bags. I have my backpack, with my laptop and other electronics (a LOT of other electronics). I have my large red duffel bag that is packed with winter clothing and a rather large, but rather light sleeping bag. And lastly, I have a large heavy metal box that is covered in a white cloth. That last object sounds like the definition of sketchy. Anyways, I managed to put the duffel bag underneath the plane, so I was left with more or less a bag full of electronics and a box full of more electronics. Going through security was very funny. I could see the reactions on the employees – I’m guessing they rarely (if ever) saw desktop computers come through as carry-on. After a thorough check of my luggage, security finally let me go.

I managed the rest of the flight without much trouble, although some of the other passengers certainly looked at me with a quizzical eye. And I definitely got a workout carrying that computer along with the rest of my bags up four flights of stairs.

I’m extremely pleased to have my desktop here with me at school. As cool as laptops are, a desktop is a constant. It doesn’t run out of battery, it has a nice dedicated large screen, a good mouse and keyboard (ugh, the pointing stick was beginning to get very old) and some wonderful speakers.

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