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28 Dec 2007

KDE4 on the N800

Posted by astromme

I’m playing around with KDE4 in a chinook scratchbox, and I’ve managed to get something that at least partially runs. For example, dolphin loads but complains about invalid protocals. I think that in this case something regarding kioslaves didn’t get built (or installed) correctly. I’m also currently fighiting with plasma. It sometimes half-loads, but refuses to load its plasmoids (ie the taskbar). KWin4 works nicely, as well as designer-qt4 (not really kde, I know).

Dolphin on the N800

Once I get kde4 running well enough to give a resonally stable interface, I’ll release an image for you all to play with. Interestingly, even in this broken build, kwin/kde4 are running extremely fast, and so I don’t think that there will be a problem with resources. And, as long as we don’t enable opengl (in kwin, etc…) ram usage should be fairly reasonable.

One last thing. Does anyone know of any imon (inode monitor) support for the maemo kernel? And/or FAM support? Apparently it speeds up kde4 a bunch with respect to monitoring files.

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