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23 Dec 2007

(Partial) Success with developing in KDE4

Posted by astromme

Through the might of google, I was able to find a post from amantia’s blog from over a year ago that described the process of setting up a kde4 development environment for kdevelop3. It got me far enough to be able to restart work on Tote (a planner). I’ve already ported my Qt4 work to KDE4/Qt4, and I’m back up to the same functuality as was present before.

Tote Main Window
Tote’s Main Window

My initial goal is to have the inking capabilities to be on par with Xournal, and a longer-term goal is to be a sort of Basket for ink. You can follow Tote’s progress at launchpad.

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2 Responses to “(Partial) Success with developing in KDE4”

  1. I know you posted this a year ago, but I would be really interested in seeing a program on par to Xournal that’s native to KDE4. I do hope you continue development of this program–that one screenshot inspires a lot of hope!



  2. For the moment Tote is not being worked on. However, I’m planning to use some of the concepts in a larger context so you may have not seen the last of it just quite yet.



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