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22 Dec 2007

Maemo repositories overloaded

Posted by astromme

First it’s the Nokia download site choking on the os2008 release (I was lucky enough to get it from a torrent), and then http://repository.maemo.org dies at the release of canola2. After a few hours of piecing together libraries, I have a mirror of all of the necessary things to get canola2 on your n800 or n810.

the deb line is:

deb http://blog.chatonka.com/Canola chinook testing

In the package manager, you can use the following:

Name: Chatonka maemo repository
Web address: http://repo.maemo.chatonka.com
Distribution: chinook
Components: testing

In the future, we (Myself, tps, and others) are trying to create a community-run round-robin repository over here.

From there, install the package “canola2″ as you would do so normally. If things are still not working, try disabling every other repository, refreshing the list, installing, and finally re-enabling the others.

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