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22 Dec 2007

KDE4 Development

Posted by astromme

I have a few ideas of small utilities that would help me, and I would love to code them using C++/Qt4 and KDE4. However, while I have found good information on how to develop qt4 applications using kdevelop3, I’m having a hard time setting up a development environment for KDE4. There are some documents on kde.org, but it seems like every third line an old idea is thrown out and a new one is introduced. For example, at first, it suggests that one uses a separate kde4-devel user. However, in the next paragraph, it says that the separate user is bulky and old-fashioned, and that you can and should do it using your main user. In the information about setting up kdevelop specifically, it gives me config options without telling me where to set them… Help!

I would really like to use KDE4 for development, and I can’t imagine that nobody’s done it before, because, after all, we have amarok2, etc… that aren’t a part of kde core but are still being developed.

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