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27 Sep 2008


Posted by astromme

Well, it’s that time of year again. Cake and birthday presents of clothing (Yay Linux shirts last year and Yay long sleeve goodness this year) and strangely a lot of reflecting.

Saturday was a ‘Big Day’ as Burnz, or rather Burnz’s father, would so awesomely say. From waking up at 7:10 to a CS lab to 5 miles of walking in philly and finally to watching the Matrix for the first time täällä, I would say that I was quite busy. My feet are sore but I can legitimately say that I’ve been ‘in philly’ now.

Tomorrow… well that’s really today after I sleep… I want to find time to:

a. Chill in my Hammock. It is sweet, that’s all i can say
b. Actually do my engin homework a little bit earlier.
c. Have some 16 feet A Cappella Awesomeness
d. Cake!
e. The cake is a lie, and of course there is no spoon. Anyways, that’s a throwback to portal. Sort of. Ok, more than sort of.
f. play guitar. It’s so fun
g. make some birthday resolutions… hrmmmm
e. Have fun and be myself

I think I can get to all of them =). Goodnight.

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