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30 Sep 2008

No more sketchy network

Posted by astromme

A few weeks ago I finally found the magic combination of settings that allowed my Kubuntu laptop onto the college wifi network. This worked great everywhere on campus except my dorm. (of course, the place I need it the most)

My way around this was to set a manual IP based off of a friend’s IP. This worked, but was quite sketchy, and a number of things weren’t as they should be. For some reason I couldn’t access anything in the school’s domain. Outside internet services were fine, but I couldn’t even get to our homepage. If that weren’t strange enough, my bandwidth seemed to not be capped at the normal 120KB/s but rather at a lofty 2MB/s! So, I didn’t complain, and used my phone’s 3G tethering when I needed to use school email or other school services.

However, it seems this rift in the network is gone, and from my dorm room I now get a normal dhcp address and normal internet. Although I lament the loss of my extreme speeds, it’s much nicer to not have to worry about how I’m going to connect.

Edit: Well, it seems I have spoken too soon. I’m back to the old behavior.

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