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22 Nov 2008


Posted by astromme

I woke up to my cell phone alarm on Friday morning at 7AM, quite drowsy and not at all feeling ready to take an engineering exam. However, when I rolled over to look out the window all I could see was whiteness. Wait a minute… it was snowing!


This is what I had been waiting for, I thought, and jumped out of bed to see how hard it was snowing. After realizing that I didn’t have my glasses and couldn’t actually see anything, I fumbled around my desk until my hands found their metal frame.

Huzzah! It was still snowing, and I could actually see the flakes!

At 7:05 the ground was covered, and the thought of walking around in the snow got me moving quickly. One of my most favorite things to do is to be outside while it’s actively snowing, and another is being up in the morning, so when put together I was definitely excited.

While walking to my class I got this as a view of the science center:

My morning view of the science center

My morning view of the science center

As you can see, there is a fair amount of snow on the ground. That picture was taken at about 7:50AM.

My exam went… decently (more on that in another post) and I spent the rest of the day enjoying the snow. And by that I mean being cooped up inside all morning and all afternoon in classes and labs, thinking about the snow.

In the evening I snapped this picture at sunset.

This is what my view looked like by sunset

This is what my view looked like by sunset

It’s the view outside of my dorm. I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the best views on campus, and that makes me feel very lucky.

Hopefully the snow won’t melt immediately (it’s still here as of sunset on Saturday).

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  1. Hello Swattie,
    I recognise the view, Parish 4th I believe. I had the same room in 1983.

    Thanks for the rtm plasmoid



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