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19 Jan 2009

Hello Planet

Posted by astromme

Hello Planet! If all goes well, this post should be showing up on PlanetKDE.

A little bit about myself: I’ve been following the KDE project for years but only recently have I done any work with developing. At the moment I’m working on the following:

* a Remember The Milk plasmoid that is currently in playground. (for more info see http://blog.chatonka.com/2009/01/remember-the-milk-plasmoid-in-playground/ )

* a KDE-based backup application using rdiff-backup (it lives at http://launchpad.net/TimeVaultNG )

I’m most interested in user interaction and interfaces, and I initially got hooked on KDE due to the beauty of the Qt4 library and its excellent documentation.

I use a Lenovo X61 Tablet and am very pleased with it. I think that tablet pcs allow for some very interesting usage and interaction models and I’d like to see better out of the box Linux support (and application support) for tablet PCs.

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7 Responses to “Hello Planet”

  1. Welcome to the planet!
    I’m a tablet pc user myself, KDE4 user, graphic designer, soon to become usability expert :D

    You have some interesting projects going on there!
    Hope as well for tablet pc improvements under linux, because atm i must admit it sucks very hard compared to windoze, oh well…

    Keep up the good work!


    Dread Knight

  2. Remember the Milk plasmoid?!?!?! You’re officially my hero!



  3. “I’m most interested in user interaction and interfaces,”

    nice :) Hope sth good from usability perspective will come out from your development :)
    Those little usability improvements counts a lot.




  4. Welcome to the planet, it’s good to see new contributors showing up!

    Both of your projects look very promising!!! Looking forward to using them!
    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Neil



  5. Hoooooray! I will definetely look at the RTM plasmoid. :)



  6. dont get me wrong, but we really dont need every old (and longtime good app) as plasma applet which less features than the old one.

    just take a look at basket note pads – which is lightyears forward..

    why cant we not just embemeedd normal apps , and stop writing this plasma stuff !!!!



  7. noooo:

    If you’re speaking with regards to the remember the milk applet, the two have very different goals. The plasmoid is a “always there” interface for rememberthemilk, and is only meant for todo lists. On the other hand, basket is meant for a comprehensive view on notes, and serves its purpose quite well.

    I did use Basket note pads for a while, only stopping because I needed penning functionality in my note taking application (tablet PC here)



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