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18 Jan 2009

librtm in KDE’s svn

Posted by astromme

After showing the rtm plasmoid to notmart and aseigo on #plasma, they suggested that I commit it to playground. At the time I didn’t have a kde subversion account and so I was directed to fill out a form or two. Lo and behold, yesterday my inbox was greeted by a shiny new kde subversion account!

My first commit came today, and as of revision 913193 (how’s that for a cool revision) librtm lives in trunk/playground/libs/rtm. Next up, the rtm plasmoid and dataengine.

astromme@Loki:~/Projects/KDE/playground/libs$ svn ci

Sending INDEX
Adding rtm
Adding rtm/CMakeLists.txt
Adding rtm/INSTALL
Adding rtm/README
Adding rtm/defines.h
Adding rtm/objects.cpp
Adding rtm/objects.h
Adding rtm/rtm.cpp
Adding rtm/rtm.h
Adding rtm/rtm_export.h
Adding rtm/rtmrequest.cpp
Adding rtm/rtmrequest.h
Adding rtm/xmlreaders.cpp
Adding rtm/xmlreaders.h
Transmitting file data ..............
Committed revision 913193.

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