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13 Jan 2009

RTM Plasmoid

Posted by astromme

You can even create new tasks!

You can even create new tasks!

Shown on the right here is the current design of the Remember the Milk plasmoid that I’m working on. As of today it’s able to parse the tasks list and show only the tasks in the selected list. Additionally, it can add (for now only to Inbox) tasks to RTM using the line edit at the bottom of the plasmoid.

Next up, beautifying the tasks view. I have plans play around with a QStyledItemDelegate which should allow me to have a list of tasks similar to the Amarok2 style playlist. They will be listed by priority, and can be rearranged (including changing priority) by dragging and dropping.

I also need to spend some time rethinking how I wrote librtm. Right now everything is done synchronously, and although I continue to update the gui during web calls, not much else can happen. This also leads to extremely long startup times, which is not something that I want.

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